As a smaller municipality, chances are your city runs on a strict budget. As a result, your focus is on leveraging the limited resources available to you to achieve the best results.

At first glance, a state-of-the-art SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product might not be an obvious purchase for a budget-conscious local government.  While legacy products that are hosted on-site require a huge up-front cash outlay, FundView is different. FundView was built exclusively for small to medium-sized local governments operating on a budget.

Our subscription model reduces your upfront and recurring cost.  With a true web-based solution, you no longer require expensive servers and the related software/service to operate them.  Your updates and data backups are provided at no additional charge. Our knowledgeable and friendly implementation/support teams are accessible and responsive.

The growing trend of local government moving to the cloud is overwhelming.  Upgrading from your old legacy on-site software to a true SaaS offering can save your city both time and money.  Transitioning to FundView will help you streamline your processes and better serve your citizens.

FundView is user-friendly, easy to learn and easy to use.  Our remote implementations have been developed with a focus on allowing the users to learn the new software and still manage their daily job demands.  We love hearing “can it really be this easy” from our customers!


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