FAST Adds iPad Connectivity

March 4, 2015 – Lubbock, TX – Fund Accounting Solution Technologies, Inc. (FAST) has released the latest version of their Building Permits and Code Enforcement solutions that support smart device access in the field for inspections and tasks.

“We are very excited to add this functionality to our Building Permit and Code Enforcement solutions.  By providing web-enabled smart device access to the Inspection and Task Consoles, our users can complete inspections, take/upload photos in the field and more efficiently manage their time.  As cities continue to look for ways to better leverage their human capital, we continue to enhance our FundView solutions with features that help them better serve their citizens,” says Tami Cook, President of FAST.

About Fund Accounting Solution Technologies, Inc.

Fund Accounting Solution Technologies (FAST) is a leading provider of cloud-based integrated software for local governments.   FAST delivers affordable solutions targeting small-to-mid-market cities and counties that help them meet the demands of their citizens.  Based in Lubbock, TX, you can find more information about Fund Accounting Solution Technologies, Inc. at .

FAST Announces New CRM

(February 14, 2014) FAST Inc. announced plans today to develop a Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) module as the latest addition to their FundView citizen service suite. CRM will provide local governments better transparency and a managed conduit for citizens to engage with municipal officials.  The solution will provide collaboration, communication, and tracking for issues and activities that impact the community.  Tami Cook, President of FAST, indicated a Q2 2014 target for beta installation and testing, with a general release date for Q3 2014.  Please contact FAST to learn more regarding this exciting addition to the FundView citizen service suite.

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