Utility Billing

Seamlessly manage all phases of billing for metered and non-metered services with fully integrated service orders.

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Easy file transfer between the meter system and billing software regardless of the meter type.

eBilling &

Send bills via email with a single back click. Allow your customers to set their delivery preference.


Take credit card payments in person or online through FastGovPay.


The mobile application can serve as a meter reading and service order device.

FundView Utility Billing provides integrated tools to manage new connections, meter changes, transfer, disconnects, billings and payments. Features include date-driven rate tables, prorated charges by date range and metered/non-metered services.

FundView Utility Billing is a web-based solution that seamlessly manages all phases of the billing process. Multiple metered and non-metered services, consolidated billing accounts, integrated service orders, deposit management,  penalties, fees, ACH/online payments and email bill distribution.

  • User-defined services and related rate schedules

  • Dependent charge calculations based on usage

  • Automated deposit management including transfer, application and refund

  • Share common property/contact master files with all land based FAST solutions

  • Bank draft billing, credit card billing, online payments and integrated e-bills

  • Comprenhensive reporting including usage, payments, penalties and deposits