Why Switch To FASTCourt?

(July 15, 2016) Judge Jack Bush says about switching to FASTCourt  “I serve as the judge for five municipal courts here in Texas. My first four courts were all using Incode and I recently added a fifth court that was already using FASTCourt.  The difference between FASTCourt and Incode is incredible. FASTCourt is far more simple to learn and operate. The fact that FASTCourt is a cloud-based solution can remarkably change your life, especially when you are the judge in five courts in five different cities!”.

“I found Incode to be cumbersome, even antiquated when compared to FASTCourt. After five minutes of training on FASTCourt, I was ready to move all my courts from Incode. In fact, two more of my five courts are switching to FASTCourt and our clerks can’t wait!”.

FASTCourt will change how you manage your court. Your efficiency will go through the roof! Support is truly exceptional – every time.  And FASTCourt is very affordable. You owe it to yourself and your court staff to explore a better way of to manage your operations with a FASTCourt demonstration. And that’s the truth!”

– Judge Jack Bush, Municipal Judge for Crosbyton, Idalou, Petersburg, Ralls and Spur, Texas