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Why Local Governments Use Fund Accounting Software

The purpose of your average accounting software package is to track cash management, and ultimately profit and loss of the organization. Local governments do not specifically have a purpose of generating profit, but need to track the amount of cash assigned to different purposes, and how that cash is/was used. Small local governments sometimes “cobble” together accounting systems using low-cost software packages that aren’t suitable for fund accounting – on the advice of local business […]

Managing Payroll Liabilities – Let Your Software Do the Work For You!

For employees, payday is the reward for one or more weeks of hard work. For payroll and accounting professionals, there are a few more steps before the work is actually completed! On each employee’s paycheck – there are amounts withheld typically for: Federal/State mandated withholding Social Security/Medicare Insurance & voluntary deductions Child Support & garnishments Payment of these withheld amounts – plus any employer-provided or matched items – falls on an Accounts Payable process. FundView […]


Disaster Planning for Local Governments

July 27, 2020 (Lubbock, Texas) Texas hurricane season started with the landfall of hurricane Hanna over the weekend. Historically, hurricane season will continue for a few more months, along with accompanying tornadoes and flooding. Scorching summer heat may also bring a heightened fire season, which can whip through unexpectedly at any time. Having a disaster plan in place is critical for local government entities – most likely multiple plans should be created to address different […]