[March 31, 2020 - Lubbock, Texas]

Whether you use our cloud-based enterprise software or not - There are times when you need to work remotely away from the office – here are a few tips!:

Whether you’re using a work laptop or your home computer, have your home office plan ready to go.

  • Computer – Make sure you have the most current updates loaded on your computer.
  • Internet – Check your download/upload speed at https://www.speedtest.net/ - we recommend a minimum of 6 megabits per second download and 1.5 megabits upload.
  • URLs and Phone Numbers – Keep a list of necessary websites, usernames and passwords to access the resources needed to complete your work tasks. Also keep phone numbers of your vendors and software support ready in case you run into any issues!

Workspace and Environment

  • Flat Workspace - on a low table or desk
  • Well-lit part of your home - prevent eyestrain by having plenty of light
  • Chair with arms to rest your elbows on while you type
  • Protect your wrists - try resting your wrists on a cushioned bar so that your wrists aren’t angled as you type, but more straight in relation to your forearm.
  • Screen/Monitor Height - consider putting your laptop on top of a few thick books or a shelf to raise the screen – this avoids neck strain
  • Multiple Monitors - your employer may be able to furnish an extra monitor (or two) to assist you with working from home.

Childcare – Once the kids have finished online schooling, there are lots of free documentaries available on cable and YouTube. Bring out activity books, puzzles, paints, drawing pencils and sidewalk chalk for non-video fun while you work. Take advantage of naptimes to concentrate on more difficult work tasks.

Scheduling – Try to keep normal office hours. Take breaks away from the computer, and take a lunch hour.

Phones - If your employer uses a VOIP phone application, ask if you can install it on your personal cell phone and/or computer so that you can answer work calls remotely. You may be able to forward your office phone to your cell phone so that you can answer work calls that way.

Additional Tips:

  • Schedule time to exercise every day! Whether inside or outside, exercise is great for your body and mind. Try a new kind of exercise on a YouTube or Cable channel to change things up.
  • Use your crockpot/instant pot or other meal planning tools to make the most of your time with family
  • Use takeout or delivery services to support your local restaurant economy if you can

These tips are brought to you by some of our own remote employees. Let us know if you have any questions or additional tips to share!

FundView – in your office, and in the cloud!

If your city is interested in moving software operations to the cloud, call 806-794-3278 for more information.

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